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You Should Be Playing The Secret World

I’ve reblogged a few things related to the game, The Secret World. But I also feel compelled to write about why you should be playing it.

  • Modern day setting where all conspiracies are true - The world is run by secret societies. Urban legends, ancient myths, hell, vampires, zombies: all that shizzle (and more) are real.
  • A focus on story - I’ve seen a lot of mmos in my day and I have to say that this one has the best storytelling and voice acting out of all of them. Paying attention to the story and what’s going on in the game is a must if you want to get through some of the missions. Even if you don’t want to play with others, playing alone and getting through the story solo is well worth it.
  • Clever missions and puzzles - The game has quests that make you think and do research to find the answers. Like that moment I found myself looking up sheet music for the 16th century lute song Flow My Tears to progress a mission. This is not your average MMO. (It’s a nice song, btw)
  • Allusions abound - The game is continuously making nods to other works and makes an honorable salute to the horror genre. If you love Lovecraft, X-Files, Twin Peaks, etc. You will love this.
  • Nice community - The people who play this game tend to be older. I’ve never experienced harassment, players are helpful, and people are serious about community standards.
  • Free to play - Just buy the game once. No subscription fee.

I really like games that try to do something different. The Secret World did that and I feel it hasn’t gotten enough love. If you’re in the market for mystery, dark horror, and fun rolled into one, consider picking up TSW.

Oh and before you buy it tell me so I can submit you as a reference and get more Veteran Points. >.>